Radeon HD overlay needed

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Radeon HD overlay needed

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Trying to get Mplayer to work at a good speed, I understood that it's 'slowness' is mostly (by lack of Altivec on the Sam series) because of lack of overlay support in the Radeon HD driver.

Also I understood that Hans de Ruiter gave overlay a low priority (probably after 3D is done)
So does overlay realy have a low priority ? And what can we do to speed things up ?
Is there any way to contact Hans about that ?

Playing movies realy is a pain without overlay.....

Thanks :-)


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Re: Radeon HD overlay needed

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Havent tried any movies yet on my Aone 500. I m going to buy Dv-player so i will be able to play avi-files.

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Re: Radeon HD overlay needed

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Topic locked. We are well aware.
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