Amiga 3.2 vs Power Flyer 1200

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Amiga 3.2 vs Power Flyer 1200

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Hi to all,

I have buyed the Amiga O.S. 3.2.
I'm having problem to install from the cd: the Power Flyer (1st version) didn't work with it very well: if I try to recognize a CF of 16GB,
using HDToolBox, the system freeze and reset itself.
With the 4Gb CF the install can't complete: it freeze installing Locale Disks
Mounting the cdrom didn't work, I recive an error message.

My full config is:
Blizzard PPC 040 25MHz + 603e 233MHz + 256Gb ram
Blizzard Vision
Power Flyer
CF 4Gb (O.S. Primary) + 80Gb HDD (Secondary Master) + DVDRW (Secondary Slave)
Pcmcia Ethernet
Full towerized

P.S. with 3.1.4. still working perfectly.

Thanks, Flip971.
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