Enancer v1.3 bugs

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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Enancer v1.3 bugs

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Using x1000 RadeonHD 7000 SI 1GB OS 4.1FE u1 + Enhancer v1.3

XDock: Adding any icon that is older then OS4 makes it dissapear from screen. Cannot be reseted. Reinstall over does not aid.

Updater: When given AmiStore account info, flashes, but does not display any update list. Internet is active, normal OS4 updater lags on checking server but works.

Note: Could updates needed to run spencer be delivered via AEON AmiSpehere website section or AmiStore app? Its too bad Enhancer bugs are preventing people
from playing a game. Also, its a bit confusing Enhancer alone has its update tool. Could system updater only be used for Enhancer? Seems like Enhancer is creating kind of OS fork.
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