X1000 video card recommendations?

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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X1000 video card recommendations?

Post by AmigaDave »

January 6th, 2015

I am about to install AmigaOS4.1FE on my stock AmigaOne X1000 which is one of the X1000's from the 1st production run sold to the public (not beta testers). With the improvements to the graphics/video system and new RadeonHD video driver(s) from A-Eon, what are some of the video cards that X1000 owners are using and would recommend to other X1000 owners? I'll have to open up my X1000 case to look for which RadeonHD video card was included when I purchased it, but I know it is one of the 4xxx series cards (maybe the RadeonHD 4650?).

I am just wondering what video cards other X1000 owners like the best, and why? Which model(s) are the best for quiet operation, or in other words, which ones provide decent video card performance, while not producing too much additional heat and can operate with either a heat sink only, or a heat sink with a low speed, quiet fan attached to it? Which video cards provide the best performance regardless of heat and noise produced, and is such high performance needed only for those times when you are running LinuxPPC on your X1000 and playing a demanding 3D video game?

I have a RadeonHD 67xx video card installed in my Windows 7 PC displaying across three 20-inch widescreen LCD's, for playing GuildWars2 and having lots of screen space while drawing construction plans with TurboCAD on one screen, while I browse the Internet on a 2nd screen and keep track of emails on the 3rd screen, or watch streaming video on that 3rd screen.

Just would like to know the current state of video card development for AmigaOS4.1FE, while also looking forward and possibly buying a better video card for my X1000 in anticipation for when AmigaOS4.2 is released, no matter if it is next month, or a couple more years from now. I don't currently use my X1000 to run LinuxPPC, but that might change in the future, if I decide to shrink the space I use for computers and eliminate a few systems from my house.

I looked through all previous threads in this forum, but did not see any discussions on which RadeonHD video cards are best for the X1000 while running AmigaOS4.1 and beyond.
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Re: X1000 video card recommendations?

Post by amigasociety »

My recommendation and feel best bang for the buck is the Radeon R9 270.

Mine after rebate was $149 plus tax at Frys.

Using it now under 4.1u6 fine. Even left the 4650 that came stock in it and used dual display for a tad. I had issues with dual display so pulled the 4650 in anticipation for FE to arrive. Soon!

I plan on putting the 4650 back in once I get FE settled down and they work out a few bugs some dual display folks are experiencing.

I would say my R9 270 with 2 fans is about the same noise as the 4650, yet a more powerful card.

I know Sundown uses a R9 270 and it appears working fine under FE too. Plus this series of card shows it to be compatible per Han's at the HDR website.

So for me and price, I think the R9 series will be the higher affordable end of cards for X1000 using 1.2 or 2.4 drivers.

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Re: X1000 video card recommendations?

Post by nbache »

If you'd like to go completely fanless, I recently got hold of a Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 Ultimate on Amazon UK. I can recommend it - if you can find one! Instead of a fan (or fans), it has a big heat sink/radiator more or less wrapped around it, which is quite sufficient in my machine (which does have some very silent case fans).

I used to use a fanless Radeon HD 5450, which was also quite nice, but the 6670 is definitely more powerful and quite sufficient for me. I run WB in 2560×1600×32@60Hz on a 30" Dell monitor with Dual Link DVI cabling and KVM.

I paid GBP 86 plus shipping for mine.

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