Logitech G500 Mouse

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Logitech G500 Mouse

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Hi AmigaOne 500 Brothers/Sisters
Just for your info The Logitech G500 Laser Mouse Works Flawlessly with Our Rigs. Hasn,t hanged on cold start or warm start at all 20 times tested, all button functions work as they do on a bill gates.

Ideal for jumping back to the old Website you was on before without physically moving the mouse (Tested using Ibrowse), the movement is Slick and doesn,t jump around.

The Speed is varable i set my one up with 5 Speed Settings using a Billy Boy, saved the Settings to the mouse, (added 21.4 Grams of weight till it felt right), disconnect then plugged it in my miggy and WOW Works Great. The Orig AmigaOne mouse is ok but not as Slick(its the eco Version from House Logitech). So the Os4.1 USB developers done a good Job on the USB HID Protocols.

Well Impressed
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