[REQ] Charset support in text.datatype/textclip

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[REQ] Charset support in text.datatype/textclip

Post by chris »

Please can text.datatype be updated to support different character sets and UTF.

IFF has a CHRS block which is used sometimes for FTXT and clipboard content. However, MultiView ignores this and always displays in the local charset. It would be useful to be able to use MultiView to check clipboard text which has been stored in UTF-8.

Also textclip.library/handler should be respecting the character set and passing this on to applications or automatically translating to the local character set for apps that do not support this feature.
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Re: [REQ] Charset support in text.datatype/textclip

Post by trixie »

The entire datatypes system could use an overhaul, couldn't it? And more extensive documentation would come in handy as well.
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