USB mouse stopped working w. update 4

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USB mouse stopped working w. update 4

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My USB mouse has stopped working with upd4. It is an ergonomic mouse, the Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 (VM3R2-USB). It worked fine before, but now it doesn't complete registration completely and only left/right works but not up/down or wheel. usb.log excerpt:

| Device found on port 2 of hub "Front Roothub (uhci.usbhcd/1)".
| Device at port 2 of hub "Front Roothub (uhci.usbhcd/1)" is low-speed.
| Fkt 0x6fd47470 at level 1
| Device on hub port 2 successfully added.
| Fkt 0x6fd47470 is {Vendor: 0x1A7C, Product: 0x0068, Class: 00.00}
| Fkt 0x6fd47470 initialized
| SetProtocol failed
E:| Interface binding failed. Error -32

Behavior is the same connected at boot or afterwards, whether connected directly to motherboard ports or through a hub, using USB2 or USB1.1 ports, and same if ehci is disabled. The vendor/product ID is read correctly (0x1A7C/0x68). This is on an A1XE ("fixed") with a NEC USB2 card.
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