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AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues.
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Google Maps

Post by kilaueabart »

Is this a problem with the X5000 or just my X5000?

I cannot use Google Maps. The map loads quickly, with my location centered, in Odyssey in Amiga OS4.1, but the browser is paralyzed. I can't search or move the map, and I can't do any thing else with Odyssey, including close it.

In Mozilla Firefox 47.0, Ubuntu 16.04.5, the map loads more slowly, but just as uselessly.

In Mozilla Firefox ESR (59.2.0) in Fienix, the map flashes into view, but is then replaced with a window reading mainly, "Gah, your tab just crashed." There is a "Restore this tab" clicker below, and I can repeat the process over and over. The browser remains usable otherwise, but the map keeps vanishing.

With Arctic Fox in Fienix, after a bit off fooling around, a Search brought up a photograph of the house my computer is in, but so far no map, just an otherwise solid red window with "Google" at the bottom. Except, by golly, I found something about visiting my timeline, that led to signing in on my phone, and there came up a map in Arctic Fox, showing a route I had taken this morning on the map I had failed to get with Google Maps proper! The timeline produces some interesting results. Clicking a date a few days ago brought up tracks I had made on a map in Honolulu. So I can get some kind of map that looks like a google map!

Anybody know what is going on here?
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Re: Google Maps

Post by Raziel »

Google Maps uses html/css/js code that can't be processed by the dead obsolete html engine Odyssey is using.

I'm afraid you will stumble over more and more sites that either just doesn't work or freeze/stall Odyssey as days goes by.
Sorry, but no cure until Odyssey gets an update or AmigaOS4 gets a recent browser.
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Re: Google Maps

Post by PJS »

I've been able to get Google Maps to partially work in Oddity by setting
it to spoof as "IPad" (in URL Prefs).... Zooming is then controlled by
the scroll-wheel and getting search to work is iffy.

But most of the time, all the bots, trackers and such in Goggles leaves
behind undead child processes when quitting. :(

So these days, I usually go to Bing first... apparently M$ didn't live up
to our expectations of evil and they don't leave trackers/bots/etc behind:

Good luck,

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