X1000 broken (fixed)

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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Re: X1000 broken

Post by zzd10h »

Thank for the idea,
I have just ordered a similar one just in case...

Hoping a happy resolution for your "technical hitch"
X1000 - AmigaOS 4.1.6 / 4.1 FE

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Re: X1000 broken

Post by kicko »

Ok im back :)

This wednesday i got a new x1000 motherboard. Amigakit swapped it to a new one becuase of the long waiting, so that i dont have to wait even more. Man im happy, i lost interest and wanted finally to move on to windows/android only. However i always had saved new stuff from os4depot/aminet to my laptop. So im back as an amigan. Thanks amigakit and everybody else helping out.

Took some days to connect, install and update so now only thing left is to do a backup. I wonder is it possible to do a bootable usb stick and boot from it as i dont have any os4 install cd with new radeon drivers.

The problem with having old gfx drivers and booting from a harddrive with old drivers is x1000 would load everything in the cme(x1000 loading screen) but not exit the loading screen so it doesnt show workbench and the user could think its something else. Would be better if drivers were be made to if not able to load the screen fallback to vga or something that is supported in cme and show workbench in the lower resolution. Or at least show shell window with error or something. Maybe something for the os4 team.

So i learned my lesson, specially when its costy hardware.

Also got a new PSU just to be sure nothing goes crazy. I ordered a psu tester but havent got it yet. Will test my other PSU with it later but i dont think anything is wrong with them as they worked in the PC i tested on. This new one has also 600w like the one that comes from amigakit and this is modular so you dont have to have all cables connected only these that i use for the moment. Its also silent upto 25% of total power.
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And a picture on the motherboard etc
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Re: X1000 broken (fixed)

Post by 328gts »

great to have you back up & running kicko :D
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