Sam440 and HyperClock now freeze

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Sam440 and HyperClock now freeze

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Hi everyone,

Formerly, I used to use Hyperclock on my Sam440ep/667Mhz with these settings : 733 Mhz/122/122 (and sometimes 733 Mhz/147/73.

Since Update 5, I cannot use these settings anymore. The system would freeze any time when I try any 733 Mhz combination. Of course, I'm using a nice fan to cool evreything down and upto Update 5 I did not get any kind of problem.

I tried with and without Sam440ep_Setup but the results are the same.

Now I can only get a stable system at 700 Mhz/117/117.

I'm suspecting the new DMA copy routines to interfer with the overclocking at 733 Mhz.

Did anyone else encounter these troubles ?

Once again, it's not a cooling problem since with the installed fan, everything is cold in the Sam case. It's not a PSU problem either since with or without the fan and with or without a PCI card (a WiFi one that I have since uninstalled) the results are the same.

Any idea ? M3x maybe ? ;-)
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