Application Library app properties tags: something missing?

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Application Library app properties tags: something missing?

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The Application Library provides a set of boolean tags through which an app can inform about the features it supports:


These properties can also be specified after registration, via


I haven't designed the library and the autodoc is very sketchy on this particular bit, but I believe these tags were introduced so that applications could query about relevant properties of other apps before sending them a message. For example, a control application like AppManager would first check the APPATTR_HasPrefsWindow tag for TRUE before sending an APPLIBMT_OpenPrefs message.

This is an interesting idea but something seems to be missing. APPATTR_CanCreateNewDocs and APPATTR_CanPrintDocs are there apparently in relation to the APPLIBMT_NewBlankDoc and APPLIBMT_PrintDoc messages, but there is no counterpart for the APPLIBMT_OpenDoc message.

So if this framework is to be consistent, there are two property tags missing:

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