UHCI controller bailing out

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UHCI controller bailing out

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Of late I have the experience that the UHCI controller gives problems. A requester shows up with the message: "There are unresolvable problems with UHCI controller". The options are "Reset controller" and "Stop controller".

This occurs after having installed upd 3. System to which applied is a standard µA1 with only a Tekram SCSI-controller installed as modification, besides a disabling of the rear USB ports.
Clicking either option of the requester does not seem to solve any problem ("does not do anything").
No matter what (storage-)device I have plugged in to the USB port.

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Re: UHCI controller bailing out

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No uA1 here.

I believe the uA1 is UHCI only so the OHCI and EHCI kickstart modules should not be loaded.

Have you tried - USBctrl restart - in a shell?
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