TimberWolf Optimization

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TimberWolf Optimization

Post by Shamron »

I've tried several times to optimize Timberwolf, both through the settings in the menus, but also through about:config. Reducing disk cache size, writes, history age, etc.

I got a gut feeling that the reason TW so often bestowes us with a Grim Reaper on exit, are part due to the immensely intensive diskactivity/memory optimization.

Last time i used it, 3 days ago, it used 99% cpu, when just showing a blank page. If this is because it cleans up, optimizes or compresses the cache or whatever, but i've had less GR's at exit if i can time it to a point with low cpu usage.

I disabled the "correct typing errors as i write", i figure this hurts a bit at google.com, updating every time i type a new letter...

SO, anyone know of a good way to configure it? (using an X1000)

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Re: TimberWolf Optimization

Post by nbache »

Assign T: to a hard drive directory instead of to RAM:T, that helped some at least on the stability back when I tried it, possibly also on the speed (don't remember exactly).

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