A quick n dirty shell script to get ioQuake3 working on current Debian and possibly Ubuntu again.

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A quick n dirty shell script to get ioQuake3 working on current Debian and possibly Ubuntu again.

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As I've just noticed as of a couple of weeks ago.. The shell script that comes with the ioQuake3 package for Debian is no longer working or outright missing.. I've knocked up this quick n dirty shell script from the Open Arena one to get it working again.

You will need to save it as ioquake3 under the /usr/games/ directory and launch it with the sh commend in a terminal window from the same directory with the command: sh /usr/games/ioquake3 etc.

You'll also have to create a folder called .q3a in the root of your user directory and place the baseq3 folder with the games pak files in it there. So it'd be: /home/(your user name here)/.q3a etc

You should now be able to launch ioQuake3 from a single shell script again.. With a lot less faffing around.

Code: Select all


# quake3 or quake3-server or whatever
# "server" or "client"
# ioquake3 or ioq3ded
# /usr/lib/openarena or /usr/lib/openarena-server



# we're a standalone game
CVARS="+set com_basegame baseq3"
CVARS="$CVARS +set fs_basepath $FS_BASEPATH"
CVARS="$CVARS +set com_homepath .q3a"

# OA uses a different protocol number to reflect incompatible game content.
# When it says "71", that's actually the legacy Quake III Arena 1.32c protocol,
# protocol 68.
CVARS="$CVARS +set com_legacyprotocol 71"
# For the moment, disable the modern protocol, by setting this cvar to the
# same thing. When OA upstream decide what value they'll use, we should
# catch up.
CVARS="$CVARS +set com_protocol 71"

# OA's default master server is different
CVARS="$CVARS +set sv_master1 master.quake3arena.com"
# update.quake3arena.com is pretty irrelevant if you're playing OA
CVARS="$CVARS +set cl_motd 0"
# OA 0.8.5 sends QuakeArena-1 heartbeats, which dpmaster interprets as implying
# that it's a version of Quake III Arena from the future rather than a separate
# game. Remain compatible even in ioquake3 >= r2105, by leaving com_gamename
# set to the default, "Quake3Arena"; this will hopefully be fixed in a future
# OA version, but that's a compatibility break.
#CVARS="$CVARS +set com_gamename Quake3Arena"


OpenArena ${IOQ3ROLE} wrapper for Debian\n\
Usage: ${IOQ3SELF} [OPTION]...\n\
 -h, --help\t\tDisplay this help\n\
 -q, --quiet\t\tDisable console output\n\
  +<internal command>\tPass commands to the engine\n"

while [ "$1" != "" ]; do
  case "$1" in
      echo ${EXCUSE}
      exit 0
      CVARS="$CVARS +set ttycon 0"

if test "z$QUIET" = z1; then
  exec >/dev/null 2>&1;

if test -n "$QUAKE3ARENA_BACKTRACE"; then
  exec gdb -return-child-result -batch -ex run -ex 'thread apply all bt full' -ex kill -ex quit --args ${ENGINE} ${CVARS} "$@"
  exec ${DEBUGGER} ${ENGINE} ${CVARS} "$@"
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