Caja - ownCloud - Opendesktop

AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues related to Linux only.
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Caja - ownCloud - Opendesktop

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Some very cool connectivity news!

You can create a free, libre cloud account that you can access anywhere and effortlessly sync files between your cloud drive and Fienix:
1) Create an account at openDesktop is a reputable libre service provider advocating the advancement of foss and libre content since 2001.
2) Make sure you have caja-owncloud installed on Fienix
3) In Fienix, go to Menu > Accessories > ownCloud desktop sync client
4) Proceed through the setup, for the server enter

That's it! Now anything you save in your sync folder will also save to your cloud drive. You can access your cloud drive anywhere, including through SpiderWeb. And any changes you make to files through your cloud drive will sync to Fienix.

If you use this service, I suggest clicking on General in the ownCloud desktop sync client, and enabling "Launch on System Startup".


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