USB attachment failed

AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues.
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USB attachment failed

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In OS4, when I plug a USB memory device in, I get a little window named "USB Attachment" with a message at the bottom: "Attachment failed." I have no idea how to figure out what the problem is. Can anyone give me a hint?
These devices work just fine when I'm in Ubuntu or Fienix.
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Re: USB attachment failed

Post by Raziel »

USB support is extremely flaky and picky when it comes to supporting stuff.

I can crash, freeze or stall my system by simply plugging in a perfectly fine usb stuck.
I have a little tool which adds a sound when plugged in or ou and i can hear it playing double when it happens (and no, it's not because of the tool, it happened all the time).

Also the log shows so many warnings and errors, it's really embarrassing.

If you can, plug your hardware in before you boot WB, otherwise no one knows what is going to happen
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