New X5000 build, USB won't start up

AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues.
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New X5000 build, USB won't start up

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I got my new motherboard, Enhancer, and USB startup stick from Amiga kit, and assembled it all today. The USB boot stick from Amigakit is found OK. "Loading finished ######################### 100%" message comes up after a short time. Next Line reads: "About to call loader entry at 0x7BD02020" at which point it just hangs there. Also, at power on, sometimes the boing ball starts spinning and "shoots", other times the graphic just sits there. I choose to boot from Mass storage when I do get the menu. I burned a boot ISO from my Windoze computer , but when I try to boot from optical, it says no valid boot source was found. I have the SSD HD plugged into SATA 0, and the DVD/CD in SATA 1.

The graphics card is an RX550.

Any ideas what I should do?

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Re: New X5000 build, USB won't start up

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It is possible that you don't actually have the driver for the Polaris card installed on the USB startup drive . It is currently sold as an extra pre release item of the the Enhancer 2.0 as Enhancer 2.0 has not been released yet. Solution is to try booting from a supported older model video card .
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Re: New X5000 build, USB won't start up

Post by Acill »

My X5000 just started doing this out of the blue as well now. It does it with ANY media I try to start from. I pulled out my Polaris card even and returned the stock card in. Same issues. I cant get OS4 to boot from any media I try. HD, USB or CD.
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