Step-by-Step Postscript Network Printer Setup?

AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues.
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Step-by-Step Postscript Network Printer Setup?

Post by amigasociety »

Is there a link to a Step-by-Step on installing and setting up a Postscript printer to the X5K?

Just purchased a new Epson WorkForce Pro 5690 and it offers ethernet, wifi, and usb connections.

This printer is both Postscript and PCL ready.

Hoping to use it over ethernet and wondered how to do it all.

Is there any special postscript driver I need?

Step-by-Step instructions would be sweet if anyone has them.

Right now I am accessing the printer on my network wireless from my Mac.

The printer accesses my network from an AT&T Router/Modem device that gives my home Internet and phone service. It allows 10 wireless users and also had one ethernet port on it. Ihave my 8 port switch connected to that one port so my loonix box and X5K get internet.

Therefore the Epson printer is on the same network since it wireless connects to this modem router and hoping since my X5K is hard wired to the same device, they can all see each other in the end.


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Re: Step-by-Step Postscript Network Printer Setup?

Post by Raziel »

You can try this.

I've set up a similar printer to my X1k, not sure what obstacles your X5k will put in your way, but it's a start i guess
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