Bridge Controller resource Proposal

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Bridge Controller resource Proposal

Post by Belxjander »

My only wishlist item for AmigaOS4 would be the creation or addition of common functionality to handle any PCI Bridges when searching for
and mapping expansion devices.

I would also classify any Classic "Zorro<->PCI" Bridge controllers into targets for this resource to list.

any driver could then simply verify "IsBridgeMappingRequired()" and "InitBridgeMappings()" using the result for registering an Interrupt handler
correctly with the kernel.

General Bridge Controller access initially giving at least some basis for all drivers to be "Bridge controller aware" and also have some multi-function safety in accessing the Bridge controllers (any already mapped/configured can be retained as such by this resource)

Reset() / Check() / NewMapping() / EndMapping() for any given device function behind a Bridge type known for this central resource

I know nothing about how to impliment this beyond providing an empty skeleton at this time...
if anyone more knowledgable wishes to fill in some small gaps with notes for what to do next?
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