Telling it straight

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Telling it straight

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3 items:

A. Can this be added to the OS? => ... mpost88109
I find it quite usefull and as a QT app it works faster than its counterpart app on Linux. From what I can see development has seized.

B. Regarding the language barrier of the OS, can something like this net virtual keyboard be added in the os level? =>

C. Can Candi or something like Candi be implemented in other graphical objects other than the desktop? there's a thing I really like about the graphic design of objects in AOS4 that make stuff in an unconventional way (precislly because it is aliased) looks like I sketched it on my notebook and simply looks good. What it can use is more 3D stuff to complement the feel I get from it which reminds me of the old graphics that didn't cut it eventually as the time went by from a technical standpoint while still reserving that right "feel" about it that makes all of us revisit those titles. The new way "gets" it like the old one did and to complete it I'd love to mix Candi stuff with the 2.5D old school adventure games like objects.

Happy new year from someone who celebrated it 3 months ago ;-)
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