No 3D on Debian 7.2 and Radeon HD 7000

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues related to Linux only.
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No 3D on Debian 7.2 and Radeon HD 7000

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Hi gents!

I have purchased Radeon HD 7000 2GB DDR5 for Warp3D on AmigaOS, and while I am pleased with enhancer
and 3D on AmigaOS side, I have quite a lot of troubles on Linux side.

a) Only Linux I have managed to install, Debian 7.2 PPC32 (I use 4.10.0 stable kernel) with KDE 4.8.4, XServer 11
fails to display any OpenGL content. Is there a way around? Added mesa via Synaptic - did not help.

b) May be kernel or the graphic card, or the new kernel - but anyway old x1000 Ubuntu CD boots, but installation fails
to boot to graphics. Net installer for TumbleWeed works but fails to enter GUI after hdd boot. Any recommended
initrd.gz ramdisk installers - my prefered method? Would love to have a bit modern and 3D Linux!

c) UbuntuMATE "live DVD" boots, but both methods (alternative and official install) fail in terms of making bootable OS.
Official one fails about hdd partitiong time and copy script copies the files, but they simply wont boot with proper setenv and kernel 4.9/4.10 with 7000HD. If intersted, I can make a shot when the kernel booting fails.

I see you boys have moved to FEDORA. Nice. Could we get a real boot DVD with small bootdvd0.0 txt script, please? :-)
If not Fedora, latest UbuntuMATE. I know there are DD / RSYNC images for both, but:
a) Please do not gzip but tar them so that default Linux unarchive tools work, or better upload uncompressed images. Helps.
b) Is there some easy GUI like way to do it? Small Linux CD boot that can just download and gparted and rsync?

Hope x5000 users have nice Linux boot DVD by now, dont forget x1000 users. Not until we get Libre and FF for AmigaOS!

Since most of x1000 and all x5000 users have transitioned or are to Southern Islands, support to have a
3D and working newer Linux should be Amiga Linux team priority?

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