Setting DSL connection and few questions

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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Setting DSL connection and few questions

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Dear AmigaOS users,

1) I am having trouble setting a net on AmigaOS 4.1 FE on x1000 using a Wi Fi router (hereby LAN needed). Under Linux it works like a charm.
Wizard sees RTL card and test passes OK, but fails to create a working connection.

Here is the image of net properties under Linux, abait on 100Mbit net. Strangely, RTL cards seems to fail there, even its not relevant. ... D.jpg?dl=0

Failure under OS4 on RTL to finish net wizard, sorry for the bad quality ... D.jpg?dl=0

I have a 10Mb WiFi card that works under OS4 as last resort option.
I can install OS 4.1.5 and check does it work under there.

I forgot to say onboard ethernet is connected as direct first one to the router, and Amiga RTL card is plugged as next WAN1.

2) I see onboard ethernet device has a OS4 driver, but it doesnt pass the test. Any chance this will get corrected? Under Linux there is a bit off difference on 10Mbit net whether one uses a 1GBit, 100Mbit or 10Mbit Wi Fi card, so I hope to get faster net on X1000 too :-)

3) Is there a firmware (CFE) update that at least enables some extended functionality, or at least editing the line without messing it? Printenv gives PAS-2.0.30 as version. I have seen Epsilon had some update for R7 card reasons and got x1000 bricked! So is there any improvement on this field? (as I do understand X5000 is back to faster Uboot)

4) RadeonHD driver - I have original HD Driver CD and I am using RadeonHD 6800 (Barts) - when I install it and hard reboot, I don`t get any more modes then with Lite driver? Also when can be expected a w3d driver for us poor 4000,5000,6000 ... users. I found it dubious to get slower R7 card and pay additional driver just to get W3D working, while 6800 is faster card. Also, Hans I don`t get if we paid 2D driver support (I personally purchased two licenses) why aren`t we entitled to W3D? Will this apply for further updates of W3D driver also (since it seems there is a room for improvement?). I will have to accept any choice, and Hans deserves the support, however I somewhat prefer its voluntary and not forced. Especially since drivers have been somewhat paid, even I do undrstand development is a continious thing

That would be all gents! Thanks for all replies
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