OZ/NZ Amiga Party

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OZ/NZ Amiga Party

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OK, here's the deal:

The party is ON, it's going to be at my place in Turramurra. We have a big rumpus room that will take all those that have expressed interest in coming.

The house will be open all day Saturday the 10th May. Depending on how many come, we might go out for dinner or get take-away delivered.

I have invited the local Sydney Amiga User Group (SAUG) to join us, and a few of them might come along to see OS4 in action and meet devs/betatesters. The monthly SAUG meeting is held the next day, at Epping, not far away and close to the Epping railway station. Any NG Amiga owners are welcome to join the SAUG group the next day for their (mainly Classic) monthly meeting.

I won't be asking anyone for financial contributions, but if you would like to bring something to eat or drink, feel free. The SAUG group asks for a minimal entry fee to pay for the rental of their meeting room.

There is free Ethernet (wired) and electricity here, as well as five NG Amigas and plenty of space for more machines. "Show and Tell" is good for grown-ups, too!

1. Parking is a problem at our place. We live in a long driveway shared with four other houses, and there is only the street to park in. If you want to bring a machine, you can drive up and drop it off, but you'll then have to park in the street (about 150 m from the house).
2. We are 2 km from the railway station. There is no public transport, but someone can always come up to the station to collect people if necessary. It's a 35-minute walk.

I won't be publicising my home address here for obvious reasons. Please PM me for address and phone number.

See you here!

The SAUG guys have pointed out to me that Sunday the 11th is Mothers' Day, and they won't be having a meeting that day. We can organise an outing somewhere if people want it, or play with Amigas more, or whatever...
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