thread support compiled in the C++ runtime

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thread support compiled in the C++ runtime

Post by kas1e »

Hi all,

We trying to build latest version of odyssey, what mean up2date version of webkit, which in turns mean, that it need all that fresh c++11 addons like threads support and co.

In our gcc on adtools (that include and 4.9.x and latest 5.3.0), thread support is not enabled. Simple anabling it will not works of course, there need to do some code changes.

I for myself not a good coder, so can't do it right and fast, and so, we need someone to do that more or less simple work. Simple it because deadwood already doing that for AROS, and there is aros-diff which he use for building 4.8.x gcc with eanbled thread support for c++ together with all the stuff: ... -aros.diff

I already create a BZ on adtools about:

But Sebastian seems busy with all other stuff, so i trying to find luck from our skilled devs , like for example Salas00, BSZili or anyone else who may have interest doing this.

In the BZ i already describe everything, as well as provide simple test code and all the info. All we need, its just follow deadwood's diff logic, and doing the same in terms of thread support but for our 5.3.0 gcc, and provide changes to Sebastian, so he can apply it to adtools repo.

Currently, that is what we need to fix to continue porting process of newer odyssey. And that should do someone skilled enough, if we want new version of odyssey on os4.

As i say, everything cleary descibed in that BZ on adtools:
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