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Hi there all...

Can someone tell my why the sam440ep mini it has HDCP??
Is there a way to turn it off on the board?
I have an avermedia live gamer pro which I've connected DVI-HDMI and only see the pass thought due to HDCP warning..

I was hoping to do some HD AmigaOS4.1 in depths and stuff...
But didn't expect to hit the HDCP wall lol :)

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Re: HDCP??

Post by tonyw »

There is no such thing implemented on any Amigas. You may be running into encrypted data on a device.

OK, just been reading about it on Wikipedia. The first thing I see is that:
...it must not transmit high definition protected video to non-HDCP receivers;
So that is probably your problem. Since the Amiga is not licenced as an authorised device (and never will be - the fees would be crippling), the sending device will not send any high-quality data to it.
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