Timberwolf on an Amiga Classik

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Timberwolf on an Amiga Classik

Post by Mika »

Hello people,

I wanted to try just for fun so times Timberwolf on my Amiga 4000, unfortunately I get the error message listed in the Appendix.

My Amiga has the following features:

Amiga 4000D 366 Mhz,
128 MB of RAM on the Cyber ​​Storm
256MB ZorRam,
Radeon 9200 graphics card,
Highway and Deneb USB card,
PCI network card

That was with the font cache to instructions executed me.

I've seen on the internet that someone has to get it run on an Amiga to Classik:

http://www.amigans.net/modules/myalbum/ ... =396&cid=4

So whoever has an idea what time should I try again?

Yours sincerely,


Addendum, unfortunately I can not append a crashlog
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Re: Timberwolf on an Amiga Classik

Post by alekc »

First of all I assume you are using newest TW version. If so here are some tips:

1. Run TW as the first application from the workbench since you will need every free byte of memory - do not run any additional applications before executing TW
2. If this is an option disable all other apps that loads through WBStartup and your Startup Seqence
3. You might wish to disable USB cards and their software as well
4. The fc-cache line in PDF file is wrong! Correct one is: fc-cache -s -f Make sure you did it correctly

Even if you succeed lets face it: classics are heavily under-powered for TW
Hope this helps
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Re: Timberwolf on an Amiga Classik

Post by ssolie »

Please check the readme for where to report timberwolf problems.
Locking thread.
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