Update 5 ruined my OS4.1.4 working installation

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Update 5 ruined my OS4.1.4 working installation

Post by Neil_P »

I successfully installed update 3, and 4, but when I installed update 5 it ruined the installation, and would no longer boot - YES I unpacked all the updates with UNARC (OS4.1 version) and had to download them with IBrowse as OWB just dropped the download after partially downloading them, so they were incomplete, but I overwrote them all, or created new files/downloads, and when I extracted them I did so with OS4.1.2 UNARC, and they all completed with no errors.

After the Update 5 installation, and after a restart through the installer GUI, I got a USBControl shell error window opening, and that was on an AGA screen, not the Voodoo screen it should have been opened on, so something is really wrong with update 5 for OS4.1 Classic for the A1200. So I cannot even complete the current updates through to update 6.

Just for info, I have no USB hardware in my OS4.1 system - that's due there being no USB hardware available for OS4.1 for an A1200 !!

In my Amiga A1200 Blizzard (SCSI - still not working) PPC G3 240Mhz/60Mhz, 256MB in Mediator TX with Voodoo 5, Ethernet RTL8029AS, with a HyperCOM 3+ interface on the clockport, not as yet enabled, and that's all my hardware in the OS4.1 setup
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Re: Update 5 ruined my OS4.1.4 working installation

Post by tonyw »

Update 5 was released a year ago (August 2012). It was thoroughly tested on a number of Classic and NG machines before release. Further, no one (to my knowledge) has made a similar complaint in the twelve months since then.

I would rather suspect that something unusual in your setup has upset the installation. The most likely cause is a third-party add-on or program that does not "play by the rules". There may also be a known problem with some A1200 hardware, but again, not to my knowledge (and I don't claim to be an expert on Classic hardware).

The only sure way to maintain a working system is to start with the Update 1 CD and install that onto a blank (newly formatted) partition. Then apply the other updates, one at a time, keeping the system "clean" each time (that is, do NOT install anything else yet, not even special preferences).

Finally, when you have Updates 5 and 6 installed, make a backup of the clean system onto another blank partition before you try to install anything new. That way, if you discover that the system does not run properly after installing XYZ, you can always go back to a working version.

Disk space is cheap. Use it to store clean partial installations that you can use when you need to. Don't install third party programs onto the system partition, leave them on a separate partition called "Progs" or something. That way your system remains clean and can be restored easily.
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Re: Update 5 ruined my OS4.1.4 working installation

Post by Slayer »

That's one thing I thoroughly enjoyed with my older Amiga systems and that was


I always felt confident what was released was suitably tested and my system was probably somehow a "unique" test case

I spent hours and some times days trying different things and I'm glad about that since it gave me a wealth of knowledge - I know that isn't everyones cup of tea but I do think a majority of Amiga owners (especially from back in the day) are tinkerers by nature.

Tonyw has supplied you with a great overview and sensible insight and valid starting points and referrals; I suggest you start there.

I know you might be annoyed or even perhaps slipping into frustration but the older Amiga computers are aging faster than anyone else is continuing to operate them on a daily basis and some stuff remains (and probably always will remain) a hands on type problem solving situation which means it's not always that easy to troubleshoot from a forum thread...

Good luck and don't give up, since once you get to AmigaOS4.1.6 there's alot of additional updates to apply as well to even futher enhance our systems :ugeek:
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