Gadgets --> spacing problems (window cutted)

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Gadgets --> spacing problems (window cutted)

Post by samo79 »

I found a problem with certain software using the Imagadespira's blue theme

Download it from here:

This nice theme add a lot of spaces between the various element of the GUI, exactly it use in:

SYS:Prefs/GUI --> Gadget --> General --> Spacing

Horizontal: 8
Vertical: 8

So it add an horizontal and vertical spacing equal to 8 pixels in both directions however it seems that OS4 doesn't support such values very well expecially with applications that need to go directly at fullscreen.

Explain: If you use such "strong" spacing (at 8 or more) and then asking a program to be showed at fullscreen you will see the entire bottom part of the window cutted!

For an example you can see such result using AmiArcadia (set it to graphics at 4x size) and even ReportPlus (clicking on the "Edit bug report" button)

But, all works fine changing such horizontal and vertical value to 0 (or maybe 1)

To be sure that isn't a specific theme problem I try also other common themes, then i set the same values as the ImagoDespira one (horizontal and vertical to 8) but i have the same problems so i think the problem is on our OS

As experiment i goes into the screenmode preferences, then a set an higher value to the width and the height (more than my normal video resolution) just to be able to scroll the entire screen, i used a crazy 3000*3000 for my test and this show that the "cutted" windows are in reality showed correctly but only if you scroll the screen in this method, at the end there are problem to fit that windows into the screen if you use an high horizontal/vertical value :?

Anyone ?
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