Radeon 9250 128MB GFX memory 64 MB since OS4.1 update 1

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Radeon 9250 128MB GFX memory 64 MB since OS4.1 update 1

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i will try to describe the problem i have as best i can, because my english is....

Since a year i own a used SAM440ep Flex 800 with ATI Radeon 9250 128 MB GFX memory. The installed System was OS4.1 update 2. I use a resolution of 1600x900x32.
After the game "Aquaria" was ported i tried to play this game.
The requirements said that much MB of GFX memory will be needed, so the game "could" run on SAM440ep with it's built in GFX chip.

I started the game with a 16Bit screen on my SAM flex, but the game "run's" veeerrry slowly....feeled 1 frames per second.
So i installed the program Ranger which shows me max. 64 MB of Radeon memory.

After i copied ATIRadeon.chip and Radeon from original OS4.1 CD (update 0) to SYS:Kickstart/ and to SYS:Devs/Monitors/, disabled the function "Erkenne Einstellungen automatisch" (this must be :-( ) under SYS:Prefs/Screenmode ->Monitore, make a cold boot with that settings and start Ranger, Ranger detects / shows 128 MB GFX memory.

I set different screenmodes (e.g. 1600x900, 800x600, 640x480 and so on because there weren't so much preinstalled) under SYS:Prefs/ScreenMode -> Monitore.
After that, i tried to play Aquaria again and....the game works fine.

I have tested it again and again (with and without my "hack"). I have the same results as i described.

Since i installed update 3, Ranger shows 64 MB GFX memory again.

So here the results of Ranger with my "hack" (1600x900x32):
Total memory: 134.201.344
Free memory: 98.962.688 largest: 98.927.264

with the original update 3 data:
Total memory: 67.092.480
Free memory: 29.936.886 largest: 29.901.472

PCI Device is 0x5960
PCI Vendor is 0x1002

I can live with the changes i have done, but maybe it is possible to find the reason for this problem.

Best Regards,
SAM440ep Flex 800, 1 GB RAM, ATI Radeon 9250
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Re: Radeon 9250 128MB GFX memory 64 MB since OS4.1 update 1

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i had the same problem with the graphic memory.
the solution was to buy a another card. sorry!
the problem seems, that the memory of your card is not in one memory block at all.
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