Using different input devices in different screens

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Using different input devices in different screens

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I have an over expended A4000T (which is being repaired (for a long time)). I always wanted to do something with my Amiga but wasn't able to do it.

I was able to play an mpeg video on my TV using the Peggy+ card, play a divx (sound decoded through Delfina sound card) the Workbench on my VGA monitor and run Colonization on my Multisync monitor (but I had to switch to Colonization screen to be able to play it). I wasn't able to use Workbench and play the game at the same time. My sister was chatting using AmIRC and I wanted to play Colonization. I simply couldn't. (though I was able to watch many VCD movies :) )

Is there a way to implement something to OS4 which would make it possible to use a different mouse on a different screen (monitor?). One person uses AmigaOS4 to surf the Internet while another person watches a movie on a TV(and is able to control the movie) while another person is playing a game on a different monitor using another mouse. Don't you think that would be useful?

Another idea:

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to scroll a virtual screen (I mean a screen with a huge dimensions on a smaller screenmode) using a touchpad while using the mouse at the same time?

I wish there was something like that on my PC when using Cubase or Photoshop. Maybe we could have with AmigaOS4?
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