AMIstore Application questions...

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AMIstore Application questions...

Post by Belxjander »

Two issues...

First up is when launching AMIstore without a "PUBSCREEN=" ToolType,

I regardly use between 3-5 "screens" of visual real-estate,
(Workbench, Browser, IRC at least, occasionally two more for SDK Documentation and Other media)

When launching the AMIstore Application recently to check for updates, I started it and had the banner on the "Workbench" display...
but when the AMIstore finished loading it appeared on the front-most (Browser and not Workbench) screen displayed at the time.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? (original AMIstore, possible after update as well?)

And Second up is when accessing my AMIstore Account from Odyssey after logging in with the AMIstore Application.
I receive 401 Authentication failure messages despite typing in the same userid/password information for both applications.

Can anyone confirm these?
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Re: AMIstore Application questions...

Post by noXLar »

hey Belxjander, been a while:)

i have tried log in using softwar and amisphere.. but nothing happens..
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