E-uae - 5 versions of it?

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E-uae - 5 versions of it?

Post by Shamron »

Good evening good folks. :-)

Not so short story... (If you want to skip to an actual question, look for a line of *******'s), But i'll try to remember i'm on the internet. :-)

So, it started with me learning i could use SD or CF cards as hdd on Amigas some years back, (this post will be about A1200, but applies just as much to others).

This is all fun and games, but nothing lasts forever, or you screw something up, so you want to keep a backup of your "hdd" somewhere. Some use cd's, usbsticks, external drives, another cf card, or whatever. Some might even use a.... *shudders* pc with winuae to make a backup. Hey, whatever works for you. :-)

Also, there's a TON. (digression incoming... Literally, i mean it. I printed out a list of all the videos about this, and the combined weight of paper and ink, broke my industrial weight i could have had in a dream i don't really know if i should be upset that i never had or not /digression). of videos on preparing a cf card for use on an amiga using winuae.

It's good that the internet is full of helpful people making guides for others. It really is, i am NOT coming down on any of these, really. but...

I am an Amigan. I don't want to use a pc to get my Amiga working. It's MORE stupid than the stupid in "windows is so silly.. i need to press "start" to shut down"" thing some years back.

Anyways, having a big box Amiga, no matter which one AND more important, having a computer that lets you COPY the contents on the system partition instead of having to install it for some absolutely needless reason, it was always a no-brainer to me to have a copy of EVERY system partition (and the extra partitions as well, since we can) in a structured folder on my storage partition on my 4000, but since i now got an X1000, it's obvious to use tht one. Root folder is "_Disk_Backups", with "_OS39" and "_OS4" in it. The os39 contains folders named A1200 or A4000. In these again, there are folders for different disks, configs and dates.

Don't look like a question yet? (I am SO bad at this...)

So... I have this A4K with Mediator (and the usual radeon, sb128, rtl8139 and spider2), and a FastATA mkVI which was a true HELL to get set up and working.

I found the CF card with the OS and all, but as luck would have it, i used PFS3 or PFS3ds OR PFS3aio. Having asked around how to get to the files on this on OS4.1, and finally ended up just adding pfs3ds 020 verison to filesystems (Careful not to mix dos type with anything existing). i got it working, and QUICKLY copied all the disks to a folder i had prepared. Since the disks showed up as both uninitialized AND normal, i expected a crash in near future, but i thought i'd rescue what i could. :-)


***************************************************************** End of long uninteresting rant ****************************************************************

So this is what it boils down to...

I want to try to use E-UAE to emulate an A1200, create a hardfile or even use a real CF card as hdd and later use that actual card in the A1200. But i noticed i got 5 folders with E-UAE?

I figured the gfx version is for emulating a gfx card equipped amiga, and the sdl is probably another needed folder for the sdl sw thingie i've read about, but anyways.. 5 versions?


When i get the emulated A1200 going, i'm gonna install pfs3ds, copu over the files from the A4k's cf card and save them on a sfs formatted cf card.

Will this work?

When i get the hang of this, i'm planning on making a youtube video guide on how to taking and restoring copies/backups of your classic Amiga hdd's on your big box Amiga. It will be like, "how to use Amiga to Amiga" Instead of "How to go to Greenland to get to China" :-)
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