Bug in FE Update 2 Date Command

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Re: Bug in FE Update 2 Date Command

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I see it as a possible push towards technological evolution.
Can AmigaOS evolve to prevent components from being overwritten or block those that were overwritten from executing .?
If so then Enhancer and anything else would also have to evolve to find a niche in an environment that prevented component from being overwritten or executing .

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Re: Bug in FE Update 2 Date Command

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It's highly unlikely unless AmigaOS adopts some sort of database of distributed components (akin to a registry) where every component is checked for version number before being run.

Well, you can imagine what kind of rapturous applause this is going to receive, can't you...

Needless to say, it will certainly slow that system down, let alone anything else.

No, this problem needs to be weeded out at the root cause. My advice is to simply not overwrite system components, and the problem is gone.

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Re: Bug in FE Update 2 Date Command

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Thank you very much for your tip ;) . I will try your solution as soon as possible.
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Re: Bug in FE Update 2 Date Command

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