I lost my RadeonHD driver

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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Re: I lost my RadeonHD driver

Post by nbache »

kilaueabart wrote:
nbache wrote:
kilaueabart wrote:Should that last line, "amigaboot_quiet=Y," really be there?
No, it does look wrong. You have it as part of your two first menu commands, and not the third (MENU_2_COMMAND) which is the one that should give you the boot menu, but since that last line sets it to Y unconditionally, you'll never see that menu.
I do seem to see the menu. I am able to choose my configuration after highlighting Amiga Menu. But I will remove that fishy line, thank you.
I think I may have misled you there.

What you posted was an nvgetvar output after booting, right? So in fact that last line just says that the CFE variable amigaboot_quiet was at that time (i.e. after booting) set to Y, which may well just be the result of booting with one of the two first menu items in your CFE menu.

If you boot with the third one and select a configuration from the next menu, you probably won't have that line shown by nvgetvar.

Edit: I just rebooted to check and can confirm what I supposed: When I choose a menu item which gives me the next menu, I don't have that variable mentioned by nvgetvar after booting, even when booting into the same, default config.

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Re: I lost my RadeonHD driver

Post by Severin »

Remove amigaboot_quiet=Y with 'unsetenv amigaboot_quiet' and add 'os4_bootdevice=auto' using 'setenv -p os4_bootdevice auto' in CFE

Set both your bootable partitions to the same priority, boot with menu 3 option.

Stop the kickstart menu and set the default to FE.

whenever you boot from now on FE will be default for menu 1 and whichever kickstart you choose from menu 3 will load workbench automatically from the same partition.

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