X1000 Radeon graphics problem

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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Re: X1000 Radeon graphics problem

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xenic wrote:@Hans
EDIT: These alignment requirements could be more of a PCIe thing. In any case, correctly aligning transfers improves transfer speeds.
Does that mean that kickstart/PCIGraphics.card needs to be fixed or would alignment issues be in the CFE firmware??
Neither. The bit that you quoted simply means that the alignment restrictions could be PCIe only, i.e., you might be able to get away with bad alignment with old PCI/AGP graphics cards. There is unlikely to be any way to switch it on/off.

What needs to be done, is all code that reads-from/writes-to bitmaps in VRAM directly without being careful about alignment needs to be fixed. Such code could be in the graphics libraries, BOOPSI gadgets, or even in apps/games.

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