AmiUpdate does not get HD Audio driver [solved]

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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Re: AmiUpdate does not get HD Audio driver [solved]

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Rigo wrote:Can we just get something straight here, it's not AmiUpdate that confused you, simply the use of different servers :)

AmiUpdate was designed from the very start to have the ability to work with multiple servers with files hosted at various different locations.

Hi Simon,

I just got my x1000 out for the holidays. Had to update from FC u5.
Certainly took me a minute or two to get my head around Amiupdate and the servers! Frantically digging through reams of papers looking for my AmigaOS passwords didn't help! :-)

Now it is updated, I can reflect on what a fantastic addition to the OS Amiupdate is. Thanks for your hard work on it.
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Re: AmiUpdate does not get HD Audio driver [solved]

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Raziel wrote:
Sam wrote: You say there are 3 servers at the moment? One for thrid party apps, one for the OS and one for the SDK. What is the SDK server update address?

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Mind the uppercases, it must be set exactly as written above, otherwise the server won't be found
Now the address for the SDK server is

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