Update Amiga PowerPC

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Update Amiga PowerPC

Post by riquericco »

Hi guys,

I see on internet that model of CPU the AmigaOne PowerPC will discontinued because is very old. I serious this discuss? " https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page= ... p-Old-CPUs"

I post a topic asking here about port amigaOS on consoles viewtopic.php?t=4569

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Re: Update Amiga PowerPC

Post by Belxjander »

This is only the first released hardware with PowerPC processor that I am aware of...

Later models...
sam440, sam460, X1000, X5000 and A1222 ...

All have relatively newer processors

or are you considering some kind of CPU "Accelerator card" for this older motherboard to be expanded with an updated processor?
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