Picasso96Mode: screen too large for this card

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Picasso96Mode: screen too large for this card

Post by AlfredOne »

i'm trying to create this custom display mode for a touchscreen: 800x480@60Hz.
I created the mode with Picasso96Mode , but i wasn't able to try directly the parameters because the "Test" and "Edit" buttons show me always the following message: "Screen too large for this card".
Note that after saving and rebooting, the new display mode is selectable and testable with success within the ScreenMode preferences.
So, the message "Screen too large for this card" is a bug of Picasso96Mode tool preventing to test a new display mode?
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Re: Picasso96Mode: screen too large for this card

Post by Raziel »

Not sure why Picasso96Mode is still around anyway.

I've never produced a useable mode with this.

If you want to introduce new screenmodes you should simply add the one you need to your Monitors file

Right-click, bring up information
Icon tab
to the list of screenmodes
reboot and test

Works for most of the screenmodes, no other program required.
If your screenmode don't work it will simply not show up in Screenmodes.
(You can always adapt the Hz settings then and see if that helps)
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