My system built to be terminated...

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Re: My system built to be terminated...

Post by jdupuis »

Helge, my apology for making light of the situation.

In all seriousness, A-Eon, Leamam, Varisys and Hyperion have made great strides in bringing the Amiga Platform into the 21st centry using modern hardware. Look how long it took for Linux to become available for an Operating System choice when buying a PC. We as Amigan's are not paying $300.00 (USD) for the Amiga OS as a mainstream OS. If we were, all these things you want it to do, including myself, would be done in timely fashion. Amiga OS is developing very nicely. I think, Hyperion and Developers taking the time to see what works and what doesn't. What is "buggy" will be fixed. So the developement of the Amiga OS 4.2 will build on top of the AOS4.1FE foundation. The release of another AOS upgrade is on the horizon. I'm sure. It will take advantage of the modern hardware that is in place. The Sam, AmigaOne 500, AmigaOne x1000 and x5000 hardware is in place and exceeds the limitations of the software. I think AOS4.2 will begin the change in that aspect alone. Over six years of planning, RND and production. Look where we are now! It's exciting. Take care.


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Re: My system built to be terminated...

Post by HKvalhe »

We certainly need such positive enlightenment, so I hope AmigaOS 4.2 will be promising.

It all remains to be seen. I do not dare to hope...I will believe when I see it...
Helge Kvalheim, Norway
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Re: My system built to be terminated...

Post by Rigo »

Well, much to my dismay, I have read through all 4 pages of this thread, and I have have seen no positives coming from it.

Accusations of targeting and deliberate sabotage have no substantiations as far as I can can see.

The findings of Helge's brother have not yet been disclosed, yet alone been proven. As far as I can see see this "discussion" is going nowhere without further "proof" (which isn't likely to materialise IMO), so I'm locking this thread in order to save the sanity of those that really do have something constructive to add to this forum.

Send hate mail to "NIL:", as I'm sure everyone else is just as fed up with it as I am.

Perhaps when our favourite friendly-neighbourhood Mountie gets back, he might review the situation. For me though, it's already run it''s course.