Wi-fi puzzle

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Wi-fi puzzle

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I expected that once I told Ubuntu about the wi-fi connection available it would thenceforth connect automatically, the way my phone, tablet, and laptop do. But I almost always have to set it up again with Connect to Hidden Wi-Fi Network.

One of my log files (kern.log, I think) has a long series of lines something like this much-edited one:

NetworkManager [4403]: <info> keyfile: new connection .../Worm City 62 (7dccf73b-f260-428d-8d05-d3eb887a9cb1,"Worm City 62")

Worm City is my landlord's wi-fi. The list starts with Worm City 62, and with occasional interruptions of a different kind of message, it runs down from 62, 61, 59, all the way to Worm City 1, and then just Worm City with no number. Question: What the heck?

Meanwhile, if I look at Edit Connections..., I see something like this:
Question: What's going on?

Let me rephrase the question. Is this normal, the same for everybody?
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