Printing mystery

AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues related to Linux only.
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Printing mystery

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One of two (more) things I can't figure out for myself.

The old one: When I installed Ubuntu, I tried to set up my HP printer with HPLIP/CUPS, but it doesn't work. Sometimes I can print plain text OK, but if any color is involved, it is always messed up to a degree. Here is a file and a scan of an attempt to print it. An extreme case.

(Why can't I make this come out right side up?)
I learned long ago to turn on my Raspberry Pi if I want to print. Then the print command lists another HP printer and I can print through it with no problem.

I finally figured that AmigaOne X5000 linux and my printer just weren't compatible.

When I installed Fienix I didn't even try to install a printer program, but I accidentally discovered that I can print just fine from Fienix. How does Fienix know about my printer and communicate so well with it? And why can't Ubuntu?

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