Type CJK in Fienix

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Type CJK in Fienix

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Things are starting to look so good in Fienix that I might not need to spend much time in Ubuntu anymore. But one fairly serious problem for me is the inability to type Japanese (and, secondarily, Korean) without using a webpage app.

I installed ibus quite some time ago, and I can set the symbol in the upper panel to say I am set to type Japanese, but it doesn't do so.

Googling about it a few minutes ago suggested running ibus-setup, and that brought a different result from starting ibus in the menu:

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fienix@Fienix:~$ ibus-setup
/usr/share/ibus-anthy/setup/main.py:119: DeprecationWarning: Gtk.Window.set_wmclass is deprecated
  toplevel.set_wmclass(parent_wmname, parent_wmclass)

(ibus-setup:7427): IBUS-WARNING **: 15:36:28.971: Unable to connect to ibus: Could not connect: Connection refused
I confess that doesn't mean much to me yet, but googling the DeprecationWarning seems to suggest that I am trying to use a service I shouldn't. Does anyone know what is going on?

I might mention that I have no problem in Ubuntu, and Fienix' /usr/share/ibus-anthy looks just about the same as Ubuntu's, Fienix having

Code: Select all

fienix@Fienix:~$ ls /usr/share/ibus-anthy -R
dicts  engine  setup

emoji.t  era.t	oldchar.t  symbol.t  zipcode.t

_config.py   engine.py	 jastring.py  main.py	   romaji.py   tables.py
default.xml  factory.py  kana.py      __pycache__  segment.py  thumb.py

_config.cpython-37.pyc	 kana.cpython-37.pyc	 tables.cpython-37.pyc
engine.cpython-37.pyc	 main.cpython-37.pyc	 thumb.cpython-37.pyc
factory.cpython-37.pyc	 romaji.cpython-37.pyc
jastring.cpython-37.pyc  segment.cpython-37.pyc

anthyprefs.py  _config.py  main.py  prefs.py  __pycache__  setup.ui

anthyprefs.cpython-37.pyc  main.cpython-37.pyc
_config.cpython-37.pyc	   prefs.cpython-37.pyc
One difference I note is Ubuntu's dicts/ doesn't have that weird zipcode.t (thousands of Japanese zip codes!). Another perhaps more significant difference is that all the __pycache__ files in Ubuntu have "35.pyc" instead of "37.pyc."

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