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X5000 MCU Led Blinking - Not Booting

Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2020 3:42 pm
by seventhwonder
Dear all

After 5 years, this morning my X5000 suddenly stopped working. I was doing the daily OS4 beta-testing..After a reboot it stopped working.

After pressing the power button, CPU fan starts to spin 1/2 seconds and stops. After some seconds , MCU Error Led starts to blink.

Here is the video (4 seconds)

I tried:

Re-seated MicroSD card
Re-flashed, changed MicroSD. Tried 3 different SD Cards
Removed all PCI cards, memory
Replaced battery with a new one.
Tried with 3 different PSUs

Anyone had a similar problem ? Is this repairable ?

Looking forward to hearing from you.