Mounting SFS key problem

AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues.
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Re: Mounting SFS key problem

Post by colinw »

efher wrote:The line was missing in Kickstart !
Thanks a lot for you help, it works fine now.
Also, make sure you also have the diskcache.library.kmod, SFS uses that if it's available, otherwise it's slower.
The line in kickstart should be as follows;
MODULE Kickstart/diskcache.library.kmod
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Re: Mounting SFS key problem

Post by efher »

To Colinw : the line was also missing, added now.

Anyway using the network is highly better than using a USB key : there is no error, reading or writing files,
perhaps a bit slower but doesn't need writing on the key to transfer data.
For my part I got a lot of problem writing on USB keys with X5000, even when reading, the USB stack
seems not very stable...

Thanks a lot to all guys who helped me, and happy new year to you all.
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