Trying to find X5000 U-Boot File

AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues.
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Re: Trying to find X5000 U-Boot File

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donfirth wrote:
icbrkr wrote:Out of curiosity.. what IS the latest version?
From AmigaKit: 22-10-2018
What has changed since the 2016 version?!? Is it now possible to customize the bootmenu organization and titles, so that it would be easier to add several Linux distros there? That was the biggest issue with the original U-boot where you really had to improvise.
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Re: Trying to find X5000 U-Boot File

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3 months, a SD card lost in delivery, a download link lost in time and space...
Should it be this hard to upgrade the X5000 ? Really ? Hello ?
Still waiting...

The Micro and XE seems superior suddenly! :)

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