X5000 red light

AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues.
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Re: X5000 red light

Post by msalcedo »

aka linux install issues..

Are you still going to install Linux? (on sd card or hard drive)
If sd card, you'll need at least 32 gig and some more info..

I still recommend the hard drive route!

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Re: X5000 red light

Post by Tijatjj »

Yes still trying it , it being Linux Ubuntu from the links that are now not working.it Linux I mean installed something on my HD’s I do not know what because can’t get it to boot .Now the guys that work on it are saying they switched to the new Fienix.oh boy , but Amiga side ok now thank God.Point being I was going to follow the advice and just try to reinstall on a separate HD.Any further references to it meaning Linux I will switch over to that forum thanks .notice I call Linux it now it may be low cost but not to user friendly at least the Amiga side is a lot more forgiving

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