AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues.
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Re: X5000

Post by tonyw »

Yes, it is. A year ago now. Current NGFS version is 54.63, but I don't know when a newer version will ever be released to the world.
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Re: X5000

Post by daveyw »

I ran NGFCheck on all my NGFS partitions, and with the exception of a new WB partition I created a few months back, all of them have errors.

I tried to run NGFCheck repair on one of them, but when I run NGFCheck again without the repair option, it still reports errors.

**Edit: Ran repair a second time, then check again, no errors.
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Re: X5000

Post by Tijatjj »

Hi please excuse me but could you post this as a separate issue I originally started this post as a question about which filesystem to use . I believe that these are separate issues and a new topic would also help others find answeres to their problems including myself ,thanks
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