Change uboot anim count

AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues.
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Change uboot anim count

Post by mritter0 »

This is the only method I have found that fully explains how to change the uboot animation count. Every post on here on how to do it would not work for me. I asked on Facebook's AmigaOne: Next Gen Amiga forum and this is what Jamie Krueger posted and I wanted to share it before I forgot:

Jamie Krueger Hi Mark Ritter:

Step 1: Cold boot your X5000 and hit a key to break into the U-Boot as soon as you see the Boingball start to spin, then select 'Command Line' (I assume you have done this many times by now) ;-)

Step 2: Make sure you have at least 'U-Boot 2014.04 (Oct 17 2016 - 08:22:22). Check this by entering the 'version' command at the X5000> prompt.

If you have the Oct 17 2016 version (or newer) then proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: All the environment variables you need to work with start out with 'amigabootmenu' as the first part of the name, so an easy way to display what is currently set is by using the 'grepenv' command like so:

X5000> grepenv amigabootmenu (and hit return/enter)

My current output comes out like this:


If the X5000> grepenv amigabootmenu command simply returns the prompt back, it means that none of those values currently exist, and you need to create them.

Step 4: Set/Change the animation cycles and timeout

Use the setenv command to create (or replace) any existing environment variables, or use the editenv to more easily make a change to an existing value.

So, to create the three values you want, you would enter the following (with potentially different numbers):

X5000> setenv amigabootmenu_animate 1
X5000> setenv amigabootmenu_animcycles 5
X5000> setenv amigabootmenu_timeout 3

The format for the setenv command is: setenv [SPACE] <variable name> [SPACE] <new value> (and press return/enter of course).

Now, to check if you got the values (and names) correct, use the:

X5000> grepenv amigabootmenu

command again and they should echo back. (Remember you can use the cursor up/down keys to browse through commands you have already entered (that and the grepenv command are very handy).

Finally, use need to save what you have changed by using the saveenv command, like so:

X5000> saveenv (press return/enter)

DONE! Reboot the machine and try it out. :-)

Please take it *slow* and be patient with everything you do in U-Boot. The keyboard input (using the USB) is very poor, and often misses what you type (the serial console is much better if you have that setup).

Also, the environment variable names *must* be exact or it will do nothing. There is no online help for environment variables in U-Boot (one of my many complaints), so you simply have to know what the names are supposed to be and what they do.

What we should have is the ability to set these values with the amiga menu screens, or better yet, directly from AmigaOS4 with a simply GUI. (It is completely doable).

Finally, whereas amigabootmenu_animate can prevent the Boingball spin altogether (if set to zero (0)), the amigabootmenu_timeout overrides the amigabootmenu_animcycles values. So, like mine is currently set, the Boingball will try to spin for 5 cycles, but the boot delay will time out in 3 seconds and move on. Also, use amigaboot_quiet=Y to suppress some of the output text when booting (makes it faster as well).

Good luck!

Jamie Krueger
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Re: Change uboot anim count

Post by Amigo1 »

Thanks for sharing!
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Re: Change uboot anim count

Post by appturk »

Thanks Mark!

I forgot to add this myself :)

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Re: Change uboot anim count

Post by tonyw »

I thought we covered all this in the thread "Skip U-Boot Animation?"

See ... =57&t=3862
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Re: Change uboot anim count

Post by xenic »

tonyw wrote:I thought we covered all this in the thread "Skip U-Boot Animation?"
See ... =57&t=3862
In that topic you stated:
You can set the number of animation cycles with "amigabootmenu_animcycle", like so:

amigabootmenu_animcycles = 1
That statement could be misleading for a new X5000 user who is unfamiliar with UBoot. My first attempt at changing the animation was "setenv amigabootmenu_animcycles = 1", which didn't work. I should have known better but the point is that it certainly won't hurt to have mritter0's more explicit instructions in the X5000 forum for the benefit of new X5000 users.
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Re: Change uboot anim count

Post by xenic »

Your post can be helpful but I only entered this in UBoot to lower my cold boot time:

sevtenv amigabootmenu_animcycles 1

You can also check your UBoot settings from AmigaDOS by entering "nvgetvar" in a shell (without quotes).
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