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Re: which Filesytem are you using ?

Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 6:54 pm
by Lio
broadblues wrote:Programs like Odyssey require correct usuage management. You *should* shut it down the moment you finish using it, then restart it when you next need to browse. It's not stable enough to leave 20 tabs open on chrome on windows style browsing fest. (exageration for effect, but you know what I mean).

If SimpleMail can't manage it's folder indexes then probably replacing it with YAM is a good idea. YAM regenerates indices that out of date. It also writes index to disk periodically, and ofcourse at program shutdown. If like me you have upwards of 30,000 emails in your inbox it's best to close the program before rebooting where possible.
I am not switching off or resetting when a program is still running, except when it crashed or CPU is at 100% and stalled.

switching to YAM is not a real solution for me : I switch from YAM to SimpleMail years ago and it suits me fine. Now I noticed that if I wait longer after closing SimpleMail and powering off this particular behavior is gone !

but still one problem now with SimpleMail : whenever I drag an email to the address book window to add a new entry and press save, the computer freezes ??