Will not soft reboot

AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues.
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Will not soft reboot

Post by mritter0 »

I shipped my X5000 via FedEx to California for AmiWest 2017. It arrived in good condition....so I thought. I didn't think about it until after I shipped it: I bought the LARGE Sapphire Toxic graphics card AOTL was selling. I didn't support it in the case, even though was laying flat on it's side, card vertical. It booted once then shut down after 30 seconds. Never fully booted and stayed up after that. From what I and people at AmiWest determined was that a trace on the card was damaged/scratched. I bought a Radeon 7750 card from AOTL to get me back up and running.

Ever since getting home and installing the new card, I can not do a soft reboot. I have to do a hard reboot. Soft reboot, OS closes, screen goes black, nothing happens after this. Have to press reset button, then it boots.

From WB using any power off app, have to choose hard reboot.

Any idea why this is happening?
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Re: Will not soft reboot

Post by Amigo1 »

I had something similar happen. Although I could not figure out the exact cause, what helped was removing all cards from the X5000, and installing them again. I never had the issue again.
Of course take all the usual precautions when handling electronic devices.

Have you tried booting from the original X5000 AmigaOS CD/USB pre-release to see if the issue occurs oo?
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Re: Will not soft reboot

Post by Spectre660 »

Apparently the Radeon SI cards are not designed to soft-reset. Soft-reset works with most but not with some.
Out of 4 models that I have tested 3 did and 1 did not.
A similar version of the HD7750 model that AOL seem to be selling did.
This I bought about 3 years ago so there may be some changes in the components .
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